Professor Sheridan – sketch by Isac Galvao –

Markus concepts – Isac Galvao

Markus is supposed to meet with his instructor, Professor Sheridan.

Professor Sheridan is supposed to be in his office. He is also supposed to be a robot.

But he’s not!

Markus accidentally walks in on Professor Sheridan changing out of his robot suit:

The Adventures of Bosco… is out!

The Adventures of Bosco and His Pals, Not-so-Pals, Enemies, and Neutral Official Bodies: A story without any moral whatsoever, with no admirable characters, and no conclusion whew… is finally out and about!

It’s an illustrated book, more of a combination between a comic book and a screenplay.

The website for Bosco is: &

You can read a good part of it here on Facebook

Also available on and Barnes & Noble in paperback and on Nook and Kindle