Otherplanet by Helen Rusinoff


Otherplanet is a short story set in the future. Available on B&N and Amazon.com

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Legend surrounds the Stella Mars, a mysterious flower from Otherplanet, rumored to grant supernatural powers and bring love and happiness to whoever owns it. Alias Kingman, a deeply unhappy business tycoon, has tried to buy it many times from the Templomuseum where it is kept under guard, but the enchanted flower is not for sale.

Two con artists, Dr. Grabengon and his friend, Eagle, spend their days wandering from town to town, selling magic potions to gullible citizens. When they hear about the Stella Mars from a passing peddler of non-toxic perfumes, they decide to steal it in hopes of getting a reward from Kingman.

However, things don’t go according to plan, as they soon find they aren’t the only ones in pursuit of the enigmatic flower.

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