William Taylor Jr. Interview

Be Not Inhospitable to Strangers

William Taylor Jr.’s last collection of poetry, Words to Songs Never Written, is a must read. I will admit that I find little that holds my interest in contemporary poetry. I discovered Taylor after I discovered A.D. Winans. Maybe it was Winans that pointed me his way, maybe it was google. Anyway, his name kept popping up in various online publications. I took a look and I liked his work. He was compared by some reviewer as picking up where Bukowski left off. I am not sure I agree with that or if that remark could be the kiss of death for any new poet or at the least–just plain foolish.

I picked up his first book, So Much is Burning on Amazon and liked it. But Words to Songs Never Written is by far the best collection, bar none, I have read lately.

When I first read his…

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