Why quarks can’t be isolated

Recently I’ve been reading The Dreaming Dragons by Damien Broderick.

I had a few questions regarding physics as a result, especially about gluons and quarks. It turns out that it is extremely difficult (currently, impossible) to isolate a quark, because the energy required to break off a quark just creates more of ’em. As a non-scientific person, I tried to create a mental image of what the process might look like. (This is not how quarks actually behave 🙂

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Would you write even if you had no audience? Really, would you?

The other day I asked myself this question and came to the conclusion that my answer is yes. (Of course, I’d be writing in the hopes that someday my writing would be read. I’m phony like that 🙂

Would you?

Also, that’s a somewhat improbable scenario. I mean, if you’re stuck on a deserted island, for example, you probably won’t have anything to write on, or with. Also, there will most likely be other, more pressing, concerns…

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Why so serious?

Self portrait, black and white charcoal.

Ah, the selfie. That look comes from two things: a) love (usually of self) and b) concentration while drawing. Which is why I fundamentally dislike self-portraits. A drawing screams selfie from about a mile away. (On the other hand, of course, you are your own best model, because chances are, no one else will pose for you for hours without any pay.)

P.S. I want to paint a closeup of a car and title it “Auto ritratto.”