Like most people, I hate writing blurbs.

(A blurb is a short, spicy description of your story or book.)

Basically, you have to introduce the main plot line and the main characters, the conflict and what’s at stake, while adding a catchy hook to get a potential reader’s or editor’s attention and desire to read more. Now, that is like juggling 5 cannon balls while doing freakin’ macrame. And it’s not that hard, but it takes a certain level of effort, which is very different from your actual writing mode, and requires you to sort of step outside of your story and see its commercial appeal (if any). When you’re writing, you’re the circus performer. When you’re writing a blurb, you’re the guy at the ticket booth shouting, “Don’t Miss the Greatest Show on Earth!”

Essentially, you try to look at it through the eyes of a stranger who has never read your work. So, what could possibly make them interested to even open it to page one? How do I know? I’m just a Turkey. Don’t look at me.

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