Sea Monkeys (Part 3)

Because I can’t stop at just one…
News of the Shrimp World!

1. The Barnacle was released safe and sound back on Ocean Beach.
2. Triops (square tank on the far right) have hatched, but they’re quite small for now, so I didn’t take any closeups of these guys. There are about five of them in there.
3. The Original Shrimp People of the first colony are doing well. They’ve grown to their adult size, and the males have hilarious looking mustaches.
4. This week, I populated the freshwater tank with a Golden Mystery Snail and a Nerite Tiger Snail, and added some plants (Java Moss, Java Fern and err… I forgot the name, the things that look like horsetail ferns.)

Below: Tiger Nerite Snail: a slow poke, not very dramatic to watch, likes to hide behind rocks and things, spends long hours sleeping. Golden Mystery Snail: zooms around the tank looking for food, almost always center stage: Golden Mystery Snail munching away on the tank wall:

Sea Monkeys swimming around (the remaining citizens of Colony #1):

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